Passionfruit Liqueur & Soda
90ml Passionfruit liqueur
Top up with soda water
Wedge of lemon

Botanical G&T

30ml Haiver botanical gin
100ml Premium Tonic
Garnish – Lime wedge & Sliced strawberry

Vodka Soda

30ml Haiver vodka
100ml Premium Soda
Garnish – Lime wedge

Haiver Martini

60ml Haiver vodka
10ml Maidenii dry vermouth
Garnish – Discarded lemon zest
Then add either 1 drop macadamia oil or your favourite olive


30ml Haiver vodka
100ml Traditonal lemonade
Garnish – Lemon wedge


50ml Botanical gin
25ml Fresh lime juice
10ml Sugar syrup ( 1 part water 1 part caster sugar )
5 mint leaves
Method – Shake all ingredients  for 8 seconds . Then double strain into chilled martini glass
Garnish – Lime disc

White lady

40ml Botanical gin
20ml Marionette orange curacao
20ml lemon juice
5ml sugar syrup
15ml egg white
Shake, add ice , shake again , strain into glass

Bramble ( Marionette & Haiver )

45ml Haiver gin
15ml Marionette mure
20ml Lemon juice
15ml Sugar
Shake with ice , strain into rocks glass
Garnish – Lemon wedge